ROASTED SPICY NUTS  warm sweet and fiery nuts 4.


TRUFFLED CHIPS fresh fried potato chips with parmesan, truffle, herbs 7.

CARIBBEAN PLANTAIN SOUP coconut French curry, chicken confit, spiced sesame oil, black lime crema, crispy shaved plantain 8.

AHI TUNA TARTARE chile aioli, shaved red radish, avocado, scallion oil, togarashi, tropical root chips 12.

THAI CHICKEN LETTUCE WRAPS  Thai red curry chicken, chilies, peanuts, Boston bibb 8.

TRAIN WRECK FRIES hand cut fries, shredded chicken, bacon, cheddar, pico de gallo, lime crema, candied jalapenos 12.


SHRIMP TACOS lime chili, roasted corn, mango, chipotle mayo, radish 9.

POUTINE hand cut frites, white cheddar curds, roasted chicken rosemary gravy 6. add chorizo 9. add duck confit 10. add lobster 14.

FUNGI RICE BOWL local mushrooms, soy, sesame, shishito rice, sunny egg, gochujang 9.

LOBSTER MAC torchio, handpicked lobster, cheddar, Stilton, Ritz 12.

IPA MUSSELS AND FRIES local ipa beer,  garlic butter mussels, crispy frites, mustard lemon aioli 14.

CRACKLIN CALAMARI crispy fried, basil lemon cherry pepper aoili, candied jalapenos 10.


Bar menu served:         

Tuesday – Saturday 5:00 pm – Close