ARTICHOKE SOUP creamy artichoke, parmesan tuile, preserved lemon, green harissa 8.

BANGS ISLE MUSSELS tasso, white beans, escarole, spice route butter 12

GRILLED FLATBREAD oyster mushroom, leek, duck confit, chevre, frisee, Spanish sherry vinaigrette 13.

SHRIMP TACOS lime chile, roasted corn, mango, chipotle mayo, radish 10.

CRACKLIN’ CALAMARI spice dusted, lemon caper aioli, basil, candied jalapenos 13.

CRISPY ASIAN RAVIOLI lemongrass chicken, spinach, peppers, ginger’d sweet chile butter 10.

AHI TUNA POKE soy, honey, sesame, wakami, sweet onion, , Japanese cukes, pickled mango, furikake rice crackers 14.

PEEKY TOE CRAB CAKE Maine crab meat, truffled lemon aioli, Spring pea parmesan puree, cured egg yolk 15


JAPANESE CAESAR romaine, cashews, smashed edamame, wasabi miso dressing, wonton crisps  7.

BABY WEDGE baby iceburg, chorizo, avocado, chipotle buttermilk bleu cheese dressing, fried shallot 9.

SPICY STRAWBERRY  red Belgian endive, strawberry, radish, jalapeno, shaved red onion, pepitas, ricotta salata, black lime honey viaigrette 9.

SPRING FIELDS pickled fennel, shaved asparagus, arugula, prosciutto, hazelnut, pernod orange vinaigrette 9.

BRUSSELS shaved sprouts, cob smoked bacon, red onion, dried cranberries, Marcona almonds, parmesan, lemon honey dressing 11.


LOBSTER truffled tomato risotto, sauteed leeks, haricot verts, lobster demi, tarragon focaccia crumble 28.

AHI TUNA togarashi crust, green tea soba, watercress, wakame, Thai basil, Casco bay sauces 30.

SCALLOPS brown butter cauliflower puree, golden raisin balsamic emulsion, bacon braised big leaf spinach, crispy onion pedals  32.

SALMON mochiko style, pineapple sushi rice, jungle choo chee curry coconut sauce, long beans, scallion oil 28. 

FORBIDDEN SHRIMP emperors black rice, Chinese sausage, edamame, shimejis and bulgogi bbq 28.


PETITE FILETS coffee chili crusted, Spring parsnip puree, Farm greens, ancho demi glace, parsnip crisps  32.

SHORT RIB Okinawan braised, shishito pepper jasmine rice, butter braised farm carrots, natural juice 36.

DUCK Long Island Pekin breast, charred fennel, cipollini, smoked shredded tenders, juniper cheery demi, herb mustard 31.

BISTRO BURGER waygu beef, roasted green chilies, charred sweet onion, American cheese, tomato, shredded lettuce, sesame roll, hand cut fries 21.

HANGER Anticuchera sauce, corn fritter, charred kumquat, queso fresca, yucca chip 27.

BRICK CHICKEN Moroccan yogurt rubbed, pearled cous cous, hot house tomato, Castelvetrano olives, Greek oregano lemon poulet jus 27.


forbidden black rice, bulgogi 8.
roasted garlic Yukon mash 7.
Maine lobster mac 12.
hand cut frites, Carolina bbq’d ketchup 6. truffle herb 8.
locally cultivated mushrooms 8
butter braised rainbow carrots,Moroccan yogurt 7.
spinach, shallot, soy, sesame 6.

Consumption of raw or undercooked foods may increase risk of food bourne illness
Please advise wait staff of any food allergies you may have before ordering

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Chef Jeff Buerhaus       Sous chef Peter Janarelli