JAPANESE CAESAR romaine hearts, miso wasabi dressing, smashed edamame, cashews and wonton crisps 10. / chicken 12. / gulf shrimp 13. / seared rare tuna 16. / fried wild oysters 16.

TRADITIONAL CAESAR romaine hearts, roast garlic lemon dressing, focaccia croutons, parmesan 10./chicken 12./gulf shrimp 13.

THE COBB greens, corn, apple wood bacon, tomatoes, caramelized onion, bleu cheese, chopped eggs, red flame grape dressing 12. / chicken 14. /gulf shrimp 15.

SPRING GREEK marinated artichokes, feta, sweety drop peppers, yellow cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, greens and a country olive vinaigrette 12. / chicken 14. / gulf shrimp 15.

CRACKLIN’ CALAMARI tomatoes, slivered red onions, baby greens in a lemon balsamic dressing with parmesan 14.

CHOP CHOP Thai marinated ground chicken, romaine, red cabbage, cukes, carrots, chickpeas, crushed peanuts and wonton crisps 13.

SHAVED BRUSSELS SPROUTS shaved sprouts, red onion, cob smoked bacon, marcona almonds, dried cranberries, lemon honey mustard vinaigrette and parmesan 12. /chicken 14./ gulf shrimp 15.


AHI TUNA NICOISE rare black pepper crusted, red bliss potatoes, farm radish, cherry tomatoes, arugula, French beans, togarashi truffle mayo, grated cured egg yolk  15.

SHRIMP TOSTADA  crispy lime shrimp, black bean snow pea salsa, cotija cheese, shredded lettuce, red cabbage, Yucatan red onions, corn tortilla and creamy pepper dressing  13.

SALMON grilled organic salmon, Japanese cucumber, mango, jalapeno, daikon nappa kimchee on local greens and aleppo mango dressing 15.

FISH TACOS local haddock, napa cabbage, white Vt. cheddar, pico de gallo, sriracha mango tartare, soft tortillas and grilled lime 12. / fried wild oysters or clams 16.

SCALLOPS seared scallops,fried Japanese sushi rice sugarcane stick, gomae, wasabi yuzu aioli, sweet piri piri sauce, unagi and toasted garlic 16.


SOUP AND SANDWICH creamy leek and pea soup with prosciutto dust, lemon oil and a toasted cheese on sourdough with Vermont cheddar, cheese kurds and a hot house tomato marmalade 13.

PASTRAMI steamed black pastrami, Salvadoran cole slaw, baby Swiss cheese, habanero pimento remoulade, caraway sweet bread,hand cut fries 13.

CHICKEN PITA TZATZIKI crispy panko chicken, balsamic tomatoes, red onions, cucumber tzatziki, grilled Greek pita and house chips 13.

GRILLED CHICKEN preservedlemon dill cream cheese, rainbow carrot and beet roor slaw, watercress, griddles English muffin, house chips 13.

STEAK BULGOGI BOWL shaved steak, steamed rice, napa cabbage and daikon radish kimchi, spicy mung beans, sesame soy spinach and Korean bbq sauce 13.

PORTLAND SQUARE BURGER Kobe beef wagyu style burger, pecan smoked bacon, caramelized onions and house boursin on sesame egg bun with hand cut fries 13.


simply greens 7.
small Japanese or Traditional Caesar 6.
hand cut sea salt fries 7.
house spiced chips 4.
crispy calamari, lemon caper aioli 12
crispy wild oysters, sriracha mango tartare 16

Lunch reservations may be made for parties of 6 or more.

Consumption of raw or undercooked foods may increase risk of food bourne illness.
Lunch 11:30 to 2:30 Monday through Friday

Chef Jeff Buerhaus

Sous Chef Jason LaVerdiere